The greatest film never made

Movie: The Movie has everything and everybody to satisfy every filmgoer. I showed earlier the story behind the making of this film but did not realize that there was a long form trailer trailer that shows more clearly what the movie is about, or at least would be about if it ever got made.

You see the story of the making of Movie: The Movie here.


  1. wholething says


    The claim is that it’s the best movie *never* made. It would be unfair to compare it to movies that have been made. Check the fuse on your irony meter.

  2. slc1 says

    Re wholething @ #2

    Ah gee, I didn’t see the n in front of ever. Price of getting old and senile.

  3. slc1 says

    There is a film called The Movie, which is supposed to be coming out in 2013 but I guess that wasn’t what Prof. Singham was referring to.

  4. Alverant says

    No, the greatest film never made is “Flunked” which is “Expelled” if they bothered to tell the truth; plus scenes of people testing biblical claims in court then asking “Why should this be in science class?”

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