Say it, Marcia!

Marcia Fudge is the member of the House of Representatives from my district. In a recent forum she spoke her mind about her colleagues in congress with a frankness that one rarely sees on public display.

“These same people believe if you do not work, you are lazy,” Fudge told the symposium, which was aired on C-SPAN. “These same people believe that if your children don’t get a good education, something is wrong with you. These are the craziest people I have seen in my life. Just absolute nuts. They don’t understand that the government’s job is to take care of its people.”

The Warrensville Heights Democrat, who just started a two-year term as chair of the Black Caucus, said that if such people continue to get elected to Congress, “we are never going anywhere as a country.”

“Because we deal with nuts, every single day,” said Fudge. “These people are evil and mean. They care nothing about anybody but themselves. And so, if you think you are going to have anything bipartisan, you need to think again. It is not happening.”

What was even more surprising was that Newt Gingrich was part of the symposium and he did not seem to take umbrage at this lambasting of his Republican colleagues as crazy, evil, mean, and selfish.


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