1. Rodney Nelson says

    I have just spent the last 40 minutes watching Dara O’Briain clips. The man is funny!

  2. Taniat says

    If you like Dara, check him out on QI; it’s available on YouTube and he’s a common guest panellist and one of my faves too. I like QI a lot more than Mock the Week, which is the show he hosts.

  3. Mr Ed says

    As an atheist with a Catholic education who has attended other various faiths from time to time I’ve noticed that churches employ an an elderly woman to sit in the front row and provide ques on etiquette . She stands, you stand, she kneels, you kneel she prays you mouth the words “peas and carrots.”

  4. MikeMa says

    Love O’Briain. Have enjoyed hours of youtube clips of his standup and his Mock The Week BBC2 show.

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