Hidden messages in holiday lights

This is the season when cities light up their public spaces to make them more festive. But the person who was paid to put up these holiday lights had either a wicked sense of humor or was really ticked off with his employer.

(Via Rob Beschizza)

Update: Sad to say, the lights are apparently a hoax.


  1. cafink says

    Exactly what kind of “hoax” is it? Were the obscene light displays created with video trickery? Or did they actually exists as filmed, but were intentionally created specifically for this video, as opposed to sneaked in by a disgruntled employee? It’s not clear from the article what they mean when they say that the lights are a hoax.

  2. Mano Singham says

    One shows male genitalia, another shows a sex act performed by an angel on Santa Claus, and a third spells out “HATE JOB”.

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