1. AsqJames says

    Such an accurate portrayal of chapel services at English public schools – the clueless chaplain going through the motions, the severe and aloof head master surveying his little empire with a mix of pride and contempt, the other masters bored mostly bored out of their minds but trying to set a good example and look alert for the head. And, above all else, the boys. Only half hearing every third word and so stupefied they’d be in a drooling coma if it weren’t for the head of music occasionally launching into a hymn with the gusto of a WWI artillery barrage.

    I credit Warwick School with making me an atheist well before I ever knew it was even an option.


  2. stonyground says

    I find it interesting that this merciless lampooning of religion passed totally without comment. The Meaning of Life also features the, Catholic bashing, Every Sperm is Sacred song. The previous film, Life of Brian, was so offensive to Christian sensibilities that it was actually banned in my local town.

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