Why does Fox News hate Christmas?

Talking Points Memo describes how Fox News seems to go out of its way to make us all frightened and depressed about Christmas.

In the days before Thanksgiving, Fox filled its shows with dire, sometimes terrifying segments about all the threats surrounding the merriest season of the year. There’s the eradication of free speech by atheist “loons,” the possibility of choking on our food, the diseases spread on airplanes, and the endless depression that comes from Christmas commercials.

If we even make it to Christmas, that is. Fox’s morning man Bill Hemmer charted the possibility that the “apocalypse” would arrive on Dec. 22, and just how sad it will be when we all get wiped out, leaving all those unopened presents under the tree.


If it wasn’t for Fox News, I would never remember to sign up for my annual stint to fight the war on Christmas …


  1. Psychopomp Gecko says

    I swear, they start up the War on Christmas earlier and earlier every year. I guess it’s just the one time of year when they can take it easy with stories of persecutions and nativity scenes and those damn secular humanists with their evil devotion to religious freedom, religious tolerance, the Constitution of the United States, and increased liberty for private citizens.

    Just like Christmas decorations, they can’t even wait until Thanksgiving is over.

    Wish they’d at least get the story right. Atheists just used the system to win more spots for their messages up. Then Christians vandalized the displays and the city chose to end the whole thing (I assume because Christians didn’t like the idea of the city providing space for someone to attack their views). Now the Christians have to try and go to court to force the city to let them put up Christian stuff on public land for Christmas. Good, let them be the ones having to make a case for their side in court.

    Also, I’m amazed the guy thinks you’d have all the presents under the tree on the 22nd. Poor deluded guy doesn’t even believe in Santa Claus or last minute shopping.

  2. raven says

    If it wasn’t for Fox News, I would never remember to sign up for my annual stint to fight the war on Christmas …

    I haven’t heard from my elite Pagan War on Xmas commando unit either.

    I saw some of them today shopping at the mall. They are also out buying conifer trees to decorate in the old pagan tradition and saying Happy Holidays to people.

  3. sailor1031 says

    Providing an alternative view is not attacking the christian view – unless you’re a christian of course.

    Interesting that Fox thinks the apocalypse may come on 12/22. But wouldn’t they have been raptured by now? Or are they expecting to be left behind like the atheists?

  4. dustinarand says

    What’s so funny about this is that you’d think the people getting righteously indignant about the so-called War on Christmas are doing so because they really believe in a theological system that places a central importance on events like the birth and death/resurrection of Jesus Christ, but then you see that juxtaposed with this gulibility about Mayan prophecy, and its like, dude!, if you are going to go believe in any old unsubstantiated bullcrap just because it captures your imagination, why are you getting so bent out of shape about the erosion of Christianity’s cultural primacy? Isn’t your promiscuous credulity just as much to blame for that erosion as the ACLU’s lawsuits against proselytizing teachers and coaches?

  5. stonyground says

    Here in the UK a very silly story has, for about twelve years, been repeated every year by the mainsream media as an illustration of how the evil multiculturalists are trying to secularise Christmas so as to not offend followers of minority religions. What these evil people are doing is trying to have Christmas re-branded and called ‘Winterval’ instead.

    The truth of the matter is that, for a couple of years in the late nineties, Birmingham City Council ran a highly successful Christmas market and festival and called it Winterval, a contraction of winter-festival. Basically that’s it. Some one inexplicably got the idea that there were people who wanted to call Christmas Winterval in order to be more inclusive, and the media, mostly the Dead Tree Press, have repeated the story ever since.

    There are also claims that you can’t get religious Christmas cards trotted out every year. They are freely available everywhere, they are just far outnumbered by the non-religious ones, which are what most people want to buy. The post office always issue festive postage stamps. These are religious and non-religious on alternate years. Every other year, when it is the turn for non-religious stamps, this gets reported as some kind of evil conspiracy.

  6. F says

    the endless depression that comes from Christmas commercials.

    That’s your free-market capitalism and its culture and choice of methods and tools, Fox. So stuff that up your ass and smoke it. Airlines? Capitalist-run. Choking on food? What, food is something special and dangerous you do at Christmas? What sort of life-forms are you, exactly? Free speech? You don’t have an effin’ clue as to what you’re talking about.*

    *Well, yeah, some of you do, but you’ll dishonestly attempt to manipulate anything toward your ends.

  7. F says

    Just to note: Capitalism doesn’t have to be this way, you know. But you capital C Capitalist sorts (who use “socialist” ways and means all the time) just want to operate on the worst bits and extremes when doing capitalism.

  8. Rodney Nelson says

    The “War on Christmas” is a group of conservative Christians complaining that other people don’t celebrate Christmas the way the conservatives think they should.

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