God does not like Pat Robertson

Every New Year’s day, god speaks to Pat Robertson and gives him a list of predictions for the coming year. Famously, in 2007 he said that a terrorist attack would cause a mass killing in the US. For some inexplicable reason, god did not give any details that would enable people to foil the attack but no matter since it did not happen.

In January of this year, god told Robertson who would win the presidential election but he would not reveal the name to us because god told him he was not supposed to talk about it. Oh that god, such a tease!

Although he was coy about whom god had picked, Robertson’s disappointed reaction to the result suggests that he had wagered on Mitt Romney.

I wonder if Robertson has considered the possibility that god reveals his intentions only to Nate Silver, and that he just enjoys making Robertson look like a fool by repeatedly giving him bogus predictions.


  1. raven says

    Robertson also predicted that the world would be destroyed in the 1980’s, that happy day when Jesus shows up and kills 7 billion people.

    Being consistently wrong is no problem for modern xian prophets.

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