Dancing in the streets

Given the ebullient mood of so many people after Tuesday’s election, this seems like an appropriate video.

I usually dislike covers of songs that I really love. Martha Reeves and the Vandelas version of Dancing in the Street is one of my all-time favorites but I must admit that this Mick Jagger and David Bowie version is pretty good.

(Via Atrios.)


  1. Francisco Bacopa says

    I like the Grateful Dead cover of “Dancing in the Streets” better than this one.

    Bowie really declined in this era. He was good when he was collaborating with Stevie Ray Vaughan on Let’s Dance. That was a bold move putting a hard blues-rock guitarist on what otherwise would have been a bland 80’s pop record. Bowie didn’t really get his groove back until he worked with Trent Reznor in the late 90’s.

    And Jagger? He always was the weakest link in the Stones, and the Stones should have broken up in 1971.

    If you want a good sampling of British Invasion music of the 1960’s I would recommend listening to Mark Mothersbaugh’s selections for the Rushmore soundtrack. I love this movie, and not just because I know a lot of the people in it. It truly captures a side of Texas that most people do not know even exists. In fact, Wes Anderson wanted to set the movie in the Northeast at first because he didn’t think audiences would accept that any place in Texas could be like that. And Max was originally supposed to be a tall blond guy based on screenwriter Owen Wilson. When they auditioned Jason Schwartzman they decided to make Max Jewish. Made the movie better as Max was now more of an outsider.

  2. Kimpatsu says

    Bowie & Jagger made this video for Live Aid back in 1985. It was filmed in London’s docklands.
    I thought you’d like to know.

  3. Mano Singham says

    Thanks. I actually was curious as to the genesis of this video. From their looks I guessed it was about 20 years old.

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