Romney now sets about alienating Republicans

Having successfully implemented his program of alienating women, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, and gays, Mitt Romney has set his sights on the one remaining group that still supports him – Republicans. Humorist Andy Borowitz says that this is all part of a carefully planned strategy.

As their enthusiastic response to Romney’s 47% video showed, the plutocrats and Tea Partiers among his supporters liked his condemnation of those they perceive as moochers and looters, the takers not makers, and hoped that it was a sign that he was going to go on a full-scale attack against the poor and middle class.

But via Crooks & Liars I now learn that he has started claiming that his ‘Romneycare’ plan in Massachusetts proved that he cares about everyone and that as a result of it 100% of the children in his state got health insurance. Yes, he was actually boasting about his empathy and care for the poor, rather that treating them as despicable scum who leech off the hard work of their betters. He has even made a new ad that emphasizes how he cares about ordinary Americans.

The last time his spokesperson spoke favorably about Romney’s Massachusetts health care reforms, the nutters freaked out and demanded that she be fired. I am not sure what they will do now that the candidate himself has praised it.

To be quite honest, I have never seen a campaign that is as confused about its message as Romney’s. The fact that he became the Republican nominee is a testament to two things: the power of money and the wackiness of the field he was competing against in the primaries. As The Daily Show says, Obama has to be the luckiest of candidates.

(This clip appeared on September 25, 2012. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)


  1. slc1 says

    In this regard, there was a recent column by WP columnist Richard Cohen, who occasionally writes something sensible, where he compares the folks who ran against Reagan in 1980 with the clowns who ran against Romney in 2012. The comparison is almost unbelievable. Every one of those 2012 combatants would have been laughed out of the ring in 1980.

  2. kyoseki says

    The sad part is that when, WHEN, Romney loses in November, the general consensus in the party will be that he wasn’t conservative (or Christian) enough.

    I think it’ll take another 2 or 3 Presidential elections before the Republicans figure out that pandering to the fringe isn’t working any more, especially when that fringe is dying out.

  3. says

    They can keep it up another 10 or 15 election cycles, for all I care. Don’t anybody tell ’em it’s not working and maybe they’ll give the etch-a-sketch a shake and run Romney again.

  4. kyoseki says

    I’d rather have two reasonable parties than one useless one that lets the other do whatever the hell they like.

    Rational discourse is always better than a one sided conversation because the other person is some batshit crazy homeless guy who just talks to himself.

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