Ode to the people of Gaza

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has a new arrangement of We Shall Overcome composed as a tribute to the people of Gaza and calling for an end to the blockade imposed on them by Israel. It and the accompanying video, produced as part of the documentary Roadmap to Apartheid, are very moving.

I wonder when an American president will go to the occupied territories and echo Ronald Reagan’s appeal to Mikhail Gorbachev and say “Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall!”


  1. hyphenman says

    Good morning Mano,

    In his 1990 Sum of All Fears Tom Clancy hangs part of the story on a sea change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when the Palestinians adopt the non-violent/civil disobedience model of Thoreau, Gandhi and King.

    While the model has serious problems — you’ll recall when this was a topic during a Socrates Cafe, we discussed how ultimately, Thoreau did not stop the Mexican War, Gandhi did not preserve a united India and King did not end racism — I have often wondered how it would play out in this particular case.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,



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