Andy Borowitz on the Facebook IPO

I am sick to death of hearing about the Facebook IPO. Although I was one of the earliest people to create a Facebook account (and it still exists) I abandoned it a long time ago and do not even respond to friend requests anymore. I have thought seriously about closing it altogether but refrained from doing so because on occasion it has enabled long-lost friends to find me.

Humorist Andy Borowitz has been following the Facebook hype and has released a letter sent to all potential investors from its head Mark Zuckerberg.

He also points out that the Facebook model may work to solve Greece’s problems.


  1. thewhollynone says

    On the other hand, I am a latecomer to Facebook, but got bored with it with quickly and rarely log in. I have also thought about closing my account, but haven’t been able to figure out how, so inertia rules.

  2. sithrazer says

    That was pretty funny.

    Of course, with facebook supporting CISPA, I have to wonder how long it will be before they’re scrambling for ways to increase profits and go, “Oh, instead of giving all this personal information away to the government, we can sell it directly to advertisers and marketing firms!”

    Frankly, I’m shocked none of the stories I’ve seen/heard has brought that up yet, much less dared to suggest it as a potential revenue stream.

    It’s one of the big reasons I wouldn’t touch FB with a 10-foot pole.

  3. left0ver1under says

    I only signed up for a farcebook (not a typo) account because many website owners are too lazy or too arrogant to provide their email addresses. In many cases, farcebook becomes the only means of feedback. If people expect to post their opinions in public, they should have the courage and decency to make themselves available for responses.

    Even here on FTB, some bloggers lack that decency; if you’re not registered with farcebook, wordpress or some other site, you can’t post in their blogs. Only a few have are unafraid of feedback through their email address.

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