Unusual music

Here are two kinds of unusual music.

The first is music played on an unusual instrument.

The second is music played unusually on a familiar instrument.

Music has always been a medium where innovation and creativity thrive and where even amateurs can produce wonderful new things by breaking the rules. It is nice to see fresh examples of that.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    The first one is basically a steel drum. I’d throw a couple of bucks into his jar. And I’d certainly put some money in the guitar player’s jar.

  2. maethor says


    I saw that guy two weeks ago in Venice, I think (might have been somewhere else because I did a 2-week tour around Western Europe). I stopped because of the unusual shape of the drum and listened for a bit, but he soon took a break. Seeing that picture on your page immediately registered. Small world.

  3. says

    In case anyone is interested: The first video is a Hang instrument, or Hang Drum (apparently they don’t like it being called a drum) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hang_(instrument)

    It’s a 21st century invention comprising years of metallurgical and acoustic research and now made primarily by one company in Switzerland. They cost about $6-8000 apiece and are individually handcrafted. Thank you for posting this video, I’m now very interested in how to make one!

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