Looks like any atheist ad is offensive

Remember my post about a humorous suggestion to see if it was merely the fact that it was sponsored by atheists that made some people find atheist billboard ads offensive, rather that whatever content it contained?

Well, someone took up the idea and we now have some evidence that it is merely the word ‘atheist’ that is the problem.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    For all too many goddists, the existence of atheists is “shrill” and “militant.”

  2. F says

    I’m given to understand that the period following the word atheists makes it all up in your face confrontational. (Experimental note: Next time, control for punctuation.)

  3. P Smith says

    My comment on the original post was right. The only thing that the rabidly religious want to hear from atheists is silence.


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