Ron Paul causes some embarrassment

During the ritualistic chest-thumping of the last Republican debate about how the candidates would never negotiate for hostages, Ron Paul created an awkward moment when he reminded them that the sainted Ronald Reagan had traded arms for hostages with Iran. Watch.


  1. Tim says

    That Ron Paul. Such a character. Having the audacity to bring historical fact into a presidential debate. Silly man.

  2. P Smith says

    Let’s not forget the other fiction/myth that Ronnie Raygun proved wrong, “These colours don’t run.” They ran from Lebanon in 1982.

    It’s more accurate to say “these colours don’t run the world – that is to say, the US doesn’t get to decide how other countries rule themselves. That’s a concept the US oligarchy needs to learn, as well as teabaggers and other “US first and only types.


  3. says

    I feel kinda sorry for Ron Paul – you can see the look of dismay on his face as he realizes he’s debating with people so divorced from reality they sound like kindergarteners. “We should absolutely and always do this! Oh, except when we don’t wanna.”
    Of course, that’s the kind of bizarre logic you get when you think with your gut instead of the organ designed for it.

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