Samosas for Jesus?

samosa.jpegIn more samosa-related news, I learned from the latest issue of The New Humanist (with its provocative cover photo of comedian Ricky Gervais) that the Islamist group known as al-Shabaab has banned samosas in the regions of Somalia controlled by it.

Why, you ask? Because they feel that its triangular shape is suggestive of the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

So there you have it. An Islamist group suspects that a food item originating in a Hindu culture is secretly promoting Christianity.

Who knew that people involved in a civil war in a country facing a famine still had time to ponder the subliminal religious messages embedded in food snacks?

Some entrepreneur should take advantage of this snack vacuum to make crescent-shaped samosas.


  1. Peggy says

    I’m not sure, but if you look really closely at the samosa in front, I think you can see the face of JC…or would it be Che Guevara?

  2. says

    It is simply amazing what people will do or justify in the name of religion. Surely anyone, whether they are a Muslim, Hindu or Christian would put the welfare of their people above everything else and spend the time and money they obviously can afford to spend on stupidity like this for the good of their people.

    Honestly have these people even read the Quran or Koran as us westerners refer to it.

    Just goes to show there is ignorant people in EVERY religion!

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