The Norwegian government’s reaction to the mass murder

Following the mass killings in Norway that, on a per capita basis, inflicted a death toll that was greater than that of 9/11, the government is treating it as a criminal matter and prime minister Jens Stoltenberg said that “I hope and also believe that the Norway we will see after will be more open, a more tolerant society than what we had before.”

Yes, his response is to want to make the country more open and tolerant.

Oh, those silly Norwegians. Don’t they know that that the proper response to a mass murder is to declare it to be a terrorist act, proclaim a war on terror that involves bombing and invading countries whose populations have the same religion as the killer, harass your own population by subjecting them to all manner of intrusive surveillance to make sure they are not up to no good, suspend constitutional rights by detaining people indefinitely without trial on the flimsiest of suspicions, create kangaroo courts to guarantee convictions and secret prisons overseas, and torture and kill those in custody?


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    Indeed, it is horrible. But I have been very impressed by the survivors: After living through an hour of seeing their friends killed in cold blood and obviously fearing for their own lives, not one of them has called for revenge. Instead, they emphasize the need for solidarity, friendship, love, and an open society.

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