Obama and Bradley Manning

The Watergate burglary that eventually caused the Nixon presidency to unravel was a relatively minor incident that became a symbol of his corruptness and disregard for the law. The Bradley Manning case may become a similar problem for Obama, something that dogs him everywhere, even though he has committed much worse actions that he should be held accountable for such as escalating wars and starting new ones, authorizing torture, indefinite imprisonment without trial, etc.

While we already know that Barack Obama is as imperialistic in his foreign policy as any president before him, Glenn Greenwald says that in the case of Bradley Manning he is now descending to Nixonian levels in his disregard to the niceties of domestic law.


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    Most presidents authorize torture and do many other unethical decisions, we just don’t often get to hear about it. They would say it is the price for democray or justice… but is it really ? Or is it only greed and power. Anyhow I don`t think that he is any better than his predecessors. And one day, dirty secrets will be revealed.

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    Any president will take it as far as the public and the press will let them. The majority mood of the press and the public favor Obama regardless of his indiscretions. It takes a strong person to do the right thing against a majority populace view. Unfortunately, not too many of these types of true leaders exist.

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