These people are crazy

Just when I think that the Republican congressional leadership and their nutty supporters could not get any more childish, they surprise me. They are deliberately abandoning biodegradable utensils in the cafeteria (a policy implemented by the previous congress) to bring back Styrofoam, one of the most environmentally damaging materials. The press aide to the new speaker John Boehner was so proud of this move that he felt it worth sending out a tweet.

This kind of pettiness is everywhere. After ridiculing Michelle Obama’s creation of an organic garden in the White House as an example of her environmental extremism, they are now attacking her campaign against childhood obesity as an example of the Obamas’ desire for a ‘nanny state’. Really? You really oppose urging children to eat healthily and get more exercise?

I would not be surprised if she praised motherhood and apple pie, these crazy people would claim that she is an angry feminist who hates men and is also trying to destroy the peach industry.


  1. Jim Robbins says

    Styrofoam environmentally damaging? Yes, if it is landfilled, but not if it is recycled which is very easy. The danger comes from people being lazy, not from the styrofoam. Guns don’t kill people…

  2. says

    I like that old saying regarding guns don’t kill people, people do….Guns are fine as long as they are stored in gun cabinets, etc…. BUT, I also see the writers point though about….why would they do away with biodegradable utensils?
    But, again…styrofoam is fine as long as it’s handled properly.

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