Asking the right questions of religious believers

Thanks to Machines Like Us I learned about a cable access call-in TV show in Austin, TX called The Atheist Experience. The hosts of this show take exactly the right approach. In this clip, a Christian caller gets stumped (as so many tend to do) when asked to explain why he believes in god and the Christian god in particular.

You would think that this is the question for believers and that they would have thought deeply about it. And yet when you ask them directly, they act as if the question had never occurred to them and flounder around.

Taking pity on the caller’s inability to articulate any reason, the hosts of the show then very eloquently explain why they themselves became atheists.


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    Yes, this is a great TV show. I’ve been watching their live stream for several years now. They’re sharp as tacks and somewhat victims of their own success as few theists seem to have the knockers to call in anymore. That was a great response from Matt to that caller. Absolutely beautiful.

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