Glenn Greenwald on CNN

Greenwald is doing heroic work defending WikiLeaks all over the place. In this segment, he demolishes alleged CNN journalist Jessica Yellin and former Homeland Security advisor to George W. Bush (and now CNN employee) Fran Townsend. The authoritarian mindset of these people and their willingness to ignore the facts is astonishing (via Balloon Juice)

Greenwald provides some background to the program.


  1. Gail Anderson says

    I am all for the leaking of these documents by WikiLeaks – although some of them appear to be nothing more than diplomatic gossip and though very interesting and amusing I think they are of questionable value. What I don’t like about this WikiLeaks crowd, are the revenge attacks by Assange’s minions on the website of any company that has pissed them off. That is cyberterrorism, in my opinion. They even shut down the Gawker website because Gawker made it’s usual sniping, snarky comments about Assange. As if to say “We are omnipotent and don’t you dare make fun of us! ” That is just wrong and makes you wonder about the integrity, and the maturity, of Assange & Company.

  2. says


    There is no evidence that Assange or WikiLeaks were behind the revenge attacks that you condemn. From all appearances, it was a something that was done independently by people sympathetic to the open flow of information and angry with the way these companies are so subservient to the US government in its efforts to suppress it.

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