1. says

    This is really some form of insult. Well I guess you can do what you want with your blog but if the bad language and ridiculous cartoon is the result of skepticism…then I’ll keep my faith.

    If faith helps me to be a better person I’ll keep the faith and forget about skepticism.

    Man has become a God by trying to be smarter than God. No matter how you put it…I prefer being created by a designer from mud …than from nothing( like your supposedly intelligent Dawkins says). That is not science. Both are belief systems. Evolution has no proof. Other than what dawkins says in his own book…”we are here that should be enought proof”. What a joke.

    Anyway, that’s my take on it.

    May the God you don’t believe in Bless you anyway!

  2. Henry Gale says


    You must be new here. If you were a regular visitor you would know that there is lots of proof for evolution. In fact, we can watch evolution take place in test tubes with micro-organisms and how they adapt to changes in their environment.

    Plus, I’m not sure that atheism equals ‘skepticism.’

    A skeptic might say, ‘Are you sure there is an invisible pink pony in your closet?’

    An atheist might say, ‘There is no invisible pink pony. Not in your closet. Not anywhere.’

  3. says

    Actually, I would revise Henry’s definition slightly. We can never prove that there is no god but atheists live their lives as if their is no god.

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