New WikiLeaks release

As anticipated, Wikileaks has released over 400,000 new secret documents, this time on the Iraq war. The Guardian report on the leaks says that it has new revelations of deaths and abuses of Iraqis.

As predicted, the anti-Wikileaks propaganda has begun, with the Pentagon saying: “This security breach could very well get our troops and those they are fighting with killed. Our enemies will mine this information looking for insights into how we operate, cultivate sources and react in combat situations, even the capability of our equipment.”

We should bear in mind that similar alarms raised after the previous leaks proved to be highly overblown.


  1. says

    How can the people at Wikileaks claim their latest exposure of US actions doesn’t threaten troop lives when the recent International Burn a Koran Day was considered so dangerous and inflammatory? Is this really a propoganda war fought over the internet or as with most situations just an excuse for extremists to take matters into their own hands?

  2. Steve LaBonne says

    Because, Steve, similar accusations about their Afghanistan documents have been shown to be false. That’s how.

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