Petition: Stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline.

Tim Canova, who ran a great primary campaign against Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd district but ultimately lost, has a petition up at urging action on the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline. Among other environmental risks, the project threatens the Floridan Aquifer, which is one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world. Please sign and share.


Petitioning U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

Petition by Tim Canova

When the Standing Rock Youth first started their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, no one had even heard of it – yet they went on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take action to stop a project that threatened their community. Today, I want to tell you about another equally dangerous pipeline that is threatening our water and animal life in Florida and neighboring states.

Please sign my petition to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline.

A few weeks ago I finished up a campaign to run for Congress in Florida, during which I spent many months talking to voters in the state. Since then we launched Progress For All, a community action group committed to protecting our environment. You know what has stuck with me most from these collective efforts? The hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Floridians about their commitment to protecting our beautiful state from projects that prioritize profits over our safety and planet. Projects like the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

This pipeline will span more than 500 miles across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. It will run right by the Crystal River, a crucial sanctuary for endangered manatees, and the Suwannee River, also home to several endangered species. Not only that, but the pipeline’s construction could also damage the fragile limestone which surrounds the Floridan Aquifer, one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world.

Help us stop this project before it hurts Florida’s natural resources.

A few months ago, Governor Rick Scott’s administration changed our state’s water quality standards, opening the door for fracking and possibly more pipeline construction in Florida – all of which pose an even greater threat to our aquifer. But I know for a fact that Floridians are ready for a move away from these destructive industries. More and more cities and counties across Florida have passed resolutions to ban fracking. Voters recently passed a statewide referendum for solar energy and voted to protect state support for solar energy power.

I’m worried that some of Florida’s most precious natural treasures won’t be around in twenty years – all because politicians are defying the will of the people and pushing for fracking and more pipelines.

This is unacceptable. Please sign our petition and take action against this dangerous pipeline.

Petition to Mark Zuckerberg: Don’t censor human rights documentation.

I received the link to this petition via email from several of the organizations listed as signatories below. Please sign and share.

The petition page reads:

Sign the petition to Facebook: Don’t Censor Human Rights Documentation

Facebook, a platform increasingly used to document human rights abuses, has censored human rights documentation, including content that depicts police violence.

This includes but is not limited to: the deactivation of Korryn Gaines’ account, the removal of iconic war photographs, reports of suppression of indigenous resistance, continued reports of Black activists’ content being removed, and the disabling of Palestinian journalists’ accounts following Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister.

A number of organizations (see below) have joined together for this petition and written a letter urging Facebook to end this practice and create rules that protect users from censorship of protected speech.

Sign the petition to Mark Zuckerberg: Don’t censor human rights documentation, especially content that depicts police brutality.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

When Facebook unilaterally censors user content that depicts police brutality at the request of the authorities, it sets a dangerous precedent that further hurts and silences marginalized communities, particularly communities of color.

With the safety check-in feature, profile solidarity filters, and in countless speeches, you present Facebook’s value of human life at the center of its public-facing image.

However, Facebook’s repeated silencing of marginalized communities that attempt to make their stories and struggles known proves otherwise. That is why we request that Facebook clarify its policy on removing video and other content, especially human rights documentation, at the request of government actors.

Specifically, we urge Facebook to:

  1. Make policies about how Facebook makes decisions to censor content clear and accessible to the public.
  2. Create a public appeals platform where users can appeal content censored by Facebook.
  3. Undergo an external audit on the equity and human rights outcomes of your Facebook Live and content censorship and data sharing policies. Then institute a task force for implementing the recommendations of the audit.
  4. Refuse to disclose customer content and data to third party agencies unless required to by law.

Center for Media Justice
Corporate Accountability International
Courage Campaign
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Free Press
People Demanding Action
People’s Action

A larger coalition of 77 organizations has signed onto a public sign-on letter to Facebook, as well. You can find that letter here.

As of this writing, the petition is 70% toward a goal of 150,000 signatures. Please sign and share.

Some thoughts on activism.

The statement at is, at the very least, a call to participate in the kind of organizing necessary (although not sufficient) to bring about meaningful political and cultural change. Despite consistently numbering in the minority, the US right has been wildly successful in affecting law, culture and policy for decades in large part because they have consistently organized, whereas for various reasons the left is a notorious herd of cats.

When it comes to leftist activism, I am a big believer in “all hands on deck”. Not everyone agrees on every lefty issue, or gives every progressive agenda item the same weight. Naturally, there are leaders and organizations that focus on single issues. But the fact remains that if we can find ways to connect and support each other, much more could be accomplished than if we remain focused only on the narrow set of issues that are near and dear to us personally. People of color need whites to amplify their voices and otherwise support them by doing what they ask of us. Ditto men with women, straights with queer people, and every other group on every other axis of privilege and oppression.

It’s also important to encourage many different kinds and levels of activism. Not everyone is willing (or able) to make phone calls to their congresscritter’s office, but they might submit something online during a public comment period. Not everyone is willing to risk arrest for civil disobedience, but might show up to a planned disruption to document police actions. My hope is that this blog will provide opportunities for us all to participate in ways we otherwise might not: a phone campaign, a local protest, a cause worth funding, a boycott of xyz corp., a march in DC, help for a specific person in trouble right now, and other possibilities we cannot presently predict. Consider that one-day women’s strike in Poland halted an abortion ban. Activism like that could have a tremendous impact in the US, and a necessary first step is publicizing and making such ideas mainstream.

Finally, my fervent wish is that anyone and everyone concerned about Trump and berserker right-wing governance (including myself) examine—and challenge—what “willing and able” really means to each of us personally. For outstanding activist examples we need look no further than FtB’s very own Caine, the women leaders of Black Lives Matter and my late, great friend Niki Massey. For those who didn’t know her, Niki was black, female, physically disabled, in chronic pain, mentally ill, queer and poorand she still did fucking clinic escort. In Minnesota. In winter. The bar these women have set is extraordinarily high, and although I may never reach it, I sure as hell can try harder to reach toward it. Can you?

Let’s do this.

Aww. Our first troll.

FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE was only live for a few hours before its very first troll plopped this turd:

The Revolution

The Right must be quaking in its boots now the Freethought bloggers are on the case.

You ridiculous people.

Hahaha. Oh cupcake. No one here need ever lift a finger for the right to quake in its boots. They shit themselves silly at the mere thought of lesbian wedding cakes, women with opinions and the very existence of brown-skinned people. Why would we ever trouble ourselves in this regard? LIFE IS SHORT.

Have a nice day.