Speak out NOW to stop Betsy DeVos

There have been massive concerns about Trump’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos. She’s against public education, which is very frightening in a national education secretary; there have been ethical concerns raised about her financial conflicts of interest; and her confirmation hearing raised serious concerns about her ability to do the job. The good news is, you may actually be able to stop her nomination from going through.

The final vote is due early next week, and, as things stand, it’s set to be a tie; which means DeVos will get voted in, as the casting vote in the case of a tie will go to Mike Pence, who, not surprisingly, plans to cast his vote for DeVos if that happens. But that also means that if just one more senator changes their planned yes vote to a no vote, DeVos gets voted out.

Currently, it appears that every Democratic senator is going to vote no, and two Republicans – Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska – also now plan to vote against her. If your senator is not one of those – now is your chance to make a difference. Call your senator’s office. Express your concerns. Make it very clear that you are very concerned about the idea of your senator voting for DeVos. These calls do actually influence representatives and every little helps. Now’s your chance. Make your objections heard before the final vote.

(Amended to add: Here’s a list of contact details for senators’ offices.)

Edited again to add: This post has some good, straightforward advice from a former Congressional staffer on the most effective ways to lobby your elected representative.


  1. Kengi says

    Even if your senator is a Democrat, call them. DeVos appeals to many of the neo-liberals and I can easily see some of them voting for her.

    • Dr Sarah says

      Great point, Kengi. Don’t take anything for granted here. If your senator hasn’t specifically stated that they’re going to vote against – call them, express your concerns, try and get an answer as to how they’ll vote, make it very clear what you think and why. And if you have one of the senators who has come out and said that they’re going to vote against her, get in touch just to let them know how pleased you are that they’re taking a stand!

  2. Mobius says

    I sent emails to both of my senators the other day, not that it will do one iota of good. Inhofe is an idiot and complete ideologue. I don’t know too much about Lankford except that he is in the Tea Party mold. So I don’t expect anything rational from either of them.

    I did point out my two major concerns about DeVos, that she is completely unqualified and that she actively desires the destruction of public schooling.

  3. mesh says

    Sadly, both NC senators are firm on DeVos. Tillis is thrilled by the prospect of “choice” between for-profit Christian education and the charred ruins of public schools, and Burr has already declared that his own constituents flooding his phonelines and filling up his voicemail over DeVos are part of a Democrat conspiracy “hatched some time ago”. Burr assures us, however, that his decision is completely non-partisan.

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