Protest where ever you can #NOFASCISTUSA


We must protest every step of the way, we must make it clear that Trump is intolerable. There will be a protest tonight in Washington DC, as the Trump Hotel will be surrounded.

But, like many of us, I face a dilemma. We cannot afford to travel to DC or NY on a moment’s notice. We are tied down in a web of obligations and responsibilities — for me, this is the first week of classes, and I can’t abandon the students — so we can only wish we had the freedom to express our anger.

There’s an alternative, though: act locally. The Trump regime is not going to harm only NY and DC and our reputation in foreign countries — it’s going to hit you hard right were you live. The Republicans are already trying to destroy our healthcare, and it’s going to be a blight spreading across the entire nation.

Look to see what’s happening in your community. If nothing is happening, organize something — there will be people willing to join you. Case in point: the Women’s March on Washington is taking next week, and if you can go, you should. But there are also simultaneous Sister Marches being organized everywhere. Look at this map:


Sign up for your nearest march. If there isn’t one close enough, start one yourself, even if it is just you standing in your driveway waving a sign at passing cars. You might just be the nucleus of an anti-Trump cell in your neighborhood.


  1. Caroline says

    I am planning to go to a sister march in San Luis Obispo California. I was so happy to know there was SOMETHING I could do besides panic. My job is 55% Medicaid funded. My union is getting ready for the fight of our life. We are relatively new. My son is on Social Security Disability. I am trans as well. I need to turn my anxiety into action and this is the perfect setting. I hope for a big turnout. It’s a college town so it should be big.

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