Jeanine Pirro: “He won!”

Pirro is a histrionic nut-bag, and she brought on Carl Dix to argue for the legitimacy of Trump.

The most chilling thing to me was her flat declaration that Trump can carry out his agenda because He won! We do not elect dictators. We do not simply accept heads of state who declare all kinds of dangerous nonsense simply because they carried the electoral college. Authorities must be constantly questioned and policed and kept in the bounds of responsible action by the electorate, and Trump has consistently declared his intent to violate those boundaries. That a corrupt crook and demagogue bamboozled a significant fraction of the American public does not imply that we have to allow him to destroy the country.


  1. applehead says

    Because, as we all remember, the Rethugs have never challenged, struggled against or obstructed Obama’s policies, even though he had two victories under his belt. Or Clinton before him. Or every Democratic President ever.

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