Carl Dix and Cornel West on O’Reilly #nofascistUSA

You can tell that O’Reilly wanted them on the show so he could wag a finger at them — He, Bill, is the final arbiter of what is right and just. But Dix and West got in some good points that O’Reilly just dismissed.

Apparently, we are not now supposed to judge a politician on the basis of what he has promised to do.


  1. m n says

    If you can’t judge people by what they say, only by what they do, then what makes ol’ Bilious there think that he can condemn Carl Dix and Cornel West (et al.) for what they’ve said? After all, what is it they DID that he objects to so strenuously, if it’s not simply that they spoke up?

    (Unrelated, but it looks like there’s some kind of weirdness going on with the Google/Yahoo/Wordpress logins – I had to go over to Siobhan’s blog, log in there, and come back to be able to post…)

    • Great American Satan says

      I used to have to log in on Pharyngula in order to be able to comment on a number of since departed blogs here. Not sure why that happens. ;_; technologeeeeee

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