To defend science, we must defend equality and liberty

Are you a member of the Defend Science organization? They’re a group that was founded in 2005 to oppose the wave of anti-scientific garbage coming out of the Bush administration, and suddenly they’ve become even more relevant for 2017. They sent out a mass email to announce their opposition to the Trump presidency.

Dear Defend Science Signatories,

Right after the election we sent out a letter to you all, warning of the danger of a Donald Trump presidency and we included an initial statement “In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America”.

Only a couple of weeks later it is even more apparent that there is an incredible danger facing us.

And now there is a very serious effort being initiated now to oppose this:

NO! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

This is calling for a A MONTH OF RESISTANCE beginning on December 19th,
reaching a crescendo by the January 20th 2017 Inauguration.

We urge all of you to immediately:

  • add you name to the list of signers of this statement and spread it
  • donate to make this effort a success (we recommend $200). Go to:
  • write back to us with your ideas on how we will make this a great success. This could include:
    • your willingness to spread this in academia & scientific circles/organizations
    • host events
    • take part in teach-ins
    • work to get this statement published
      and much more

Here is the link to the web-site for this effort:

–Barry Thornton, main organizer of Defend Science
–Frank Williams, organizer of Defend Science

I’d add that scientists ought to sign on to the Defend Science list — we’re about to need it far more than we ever imagined.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    This is an idea I’ve heard, and I want to start spreading it.

    How about, shortly after the inauguration, organizing a nationwide “Day without science,” where all the scientists of the country don’t go to work for a day in protest of the new administration’s anti-science policies, and in support of climatologists and those studying evolution? Make it clear to the nation that global warming isn’t just the province of a few hundred eggheads as the right tries to make out, but is broadly accepted by everyone who accepts the scientific method in every discipline.

    University scientists could hold teach-ins on climate change. Others could drive to the White House and carry picket signs — maybe a few posing with their Nobel prizes for the cameras. Whole sectors of the economy like drug manufacturers would have to temporarily shut down. Engineers could get into the act, too, stressing how all the modern technology we take for granted is derived from the same principles and methods that are being thrown in the trash by our new fearless leader. Stooges like Yiannoppolis and the rest could fume with the knowledge that they’re being lumped together on the same side with the anti-evolutionists, the flat-earthers, the anti-vaxxers, and the whole seventeenth century lot of progress deniers.

    How about it?

  2. DanDare says

    This article is about Defend Science but discusses Resist Fascism. There is a need to explain, not just assume, that the two things go together to connect the audience to the discussion.

  3. DanDare says

    Can articles on Freethought Resistance include an author name so that when an article says “I’d add that scientists ought to..” we know whose opinion we are hearing?

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