SUF Uppsala: Demonstration mot DAPL!


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    So, according to SUF, the Nordea Bank seems to among those funding the DAPL. Their service has become worse and worse over the years, so another bank may serve you better in the Nordic countries. At this time I can’t make a good recommendation for a better one, also I’m not sure which other banks may be involved.

    Translation to English:

    First tweet:

    Protest against DAPL. Together against state repression and undermining of democratic rights.

    Second tweet: This is the official flyer for the protest. Print a few and take home or spread at your workplace.

    The flyer:


    Against looting of natural resources and state repression.
    For freedom and clean water.

    Protest December 17th
    3 pm at Slottsbacken, Uppsala

    Syndicalist Youth Alliance, Uppsala
    Agitate, block, strike, rebel

  2. multitool says

    It’s really cool that this is 1) international solidarity, and 2) cuts off the DAPL at its soft underbelly, its finances.

    Is there anything we can do in return for the Swedes?
    Are they being bothered by any onerous US corporations?

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