Rick Perry and the Texas Enterprise Fund: More Cause for Concern

In an earlier post, Caine noted the troubling ties between Trump’s pick for energy secretary and the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The prospect of former Texas Governor Rick Perry as Secretary of the Department of Energy should worry us given these ties and given his history of handing over taxpayer money to corporations via the now defunct Texas Enterprise Fund.

Mother Jones reported on this fund’s problems in 2011:

The governor has repeatedly overstated how many jobs it has created, according to several Texas-based advocacy and research groups. Moreover, Perry’s office has stonewalled attempts to get clearer information about the program’s lackluster results.

The TEF’s lack of transparency coupled with the fact that many of the corporations that received funds donated to his PAC or related PACs should make us more than wary if Perry’s appointment is confirmed.  Who will benefit from the DOE’s policies then?


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