The Resistance should include proactive steps!

Some suggestions from SJDorst:

Freethought Blogs just started a new group blog: FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE (They named it in all caps, I’m just passing on their representation! For brevity, I’ll refer to it as #FTBResist) The first I saw of this was from PZ Meyers. There are already a few posts to #FTBResist, and one in particular prompted this post. Here’s the critical excerpt:

The purpose of this blog is:

  1. To report on and document abuses and criminal activities of the right wing and theocratic zealots;
  2. To express our own opposition to these acts;
  3. To promote activism;
  4. To provide information about opportunities for activism;
  5. To provide an online rallying point for opposition to the illegitimate government of the United States.

I don’t think this goes far enough! We should also be thinking about steps we can take that proactively create solutions to the problems that are likely coming down the pike!

Read on for a few of my ideas …

Most — perhaps all — on our side agree that Trump’s non-disclosure of his tax returns for the past few years would have exposed his “I’m in it primarily for me” nature — perhaps changing enough votes from Trump to anybody else that Trump wouldn’t now be our President Elect. I think this can be prevented in the future entirely by action in just a few states! I’ve blogged about this. Read more about it here.

There are a whole host of Federal programs that are administered by the states. Under the Trump administration, many of them are likely to either go away, be severely underfunded, or be combined into block grants that — taken together — will force states to make some extremely painful decisions (since the block grants are likely to total far less than the current Federal support for the programs they replace). But there are a few states that could avoid the problems this is likely to create, using only their own taxing authority! Again, I’ve blogged about this, and you can read more about it here.

How about the Electoral College? While many assert that Trump would have lost, if not for the Electoral College, it’s not quite that simple. Yes, he probably would have lost, but we can’t say for sure because the campaigns (I suspect) would have been quite different. But we can’t know for sure. However, we CAN make the Electoral College into a purely ceremonial body by ensuring that the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact takes effect in time for the 2020 election. (Wait? Why didn’t I make that a link? Because I think it’s far better explained in it’s Wikepedia entry! But for those of you who prefer it, here’s a link straight to the source.)

And here’s some other ideas, less fleshed out, to work on proactively:

  • Take back the Democratic Party from the New Dems, Blue Dogs, and Third Way people — by local action. Take over your local Democratic Party and, when enough of us have done that, we’ll have control of the national party too!
  • Start a shadow government!
  • Work to preserve and expand voting rights in your state. Who knows? If enough states make voter registration automatic and voting easy, perhaps someone in a restrictive state will succeed in an Equal Protection court challenge!

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Do something small, even if it’s likely to have no effect, that make you feel better. Here’s one thing I did.


  1. says


    The more oppressive, unequal, and unfair a government gets, the more it will require secrecy to conceal its actions. Don’t wait for the russians to hack politicians and rich people’s plans and communications: leak them. There are safe ways of doing this, and it’s incredibly damaging. The Nixon White House punched itself stupid trying to figure out where it was leaking secrets from. Let a thousand tiny pin-pricks form and the government will divide itself internally as it tries to figure out who’s selling whom out. It’s the monkey-wrench operation from hell, for authoritarians and it will distract them from doing all the other work they want to accomplish, while putting them at eachothers’ throats and pushing them into being more oppressive to the people.

    Best of all, you can get a job working for the police state. Swear whatever they want you to swear, and then cheerfully collect their paychecks while you own them out. If you work in a job where you have peripheral access to computer systems of the rich and powerful, it is very easy to backdoor a system (with high deniability) and give the backdoor credentials anonymously to someone who will do the full exploitation. You don’t need to get your hands dirty: just put a USB key in the executive’s laptop and reboot it once. A career working for the FBI or CIA or NSA is a good place to start, right now.

    Remember what Kim Philby said when they accused him of being a traitor: “you just misunderstood all along which side I was on.”

  2. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    @Marcus Ranum

    Let a thousand tiny pin-pricks form

    Nicely done.

    Makes me tempted to call resistance to Trump and his government “The Thousand Pricks Campaign,” but maybe that’s more appropriate not to the resistance, but to the government itself. For a number of reasons.

  3. multitool says

    At the lowest local levels, I would like to see more democracy-friendly election methods such as instant runoff or approval voting. Great pamphlet here.

    We were at an Our Revolution (Bernie people) meeting last night and brought it up with a guy who is starting his own progressive radio show. I guess step #1 is to educate and normalize the idea.

    The ultimate goal is to make 3rd party candidates genuinely viable in the USA with no spoiler effect. These ‘Coke vs. Pepsi’ blue dog-or-fascist elections are killing us.

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