Some thoughts on activism.

The statement at is, at the very least, a call to participate in the kind of organizing necessary (although not sufficient) to bring about meaningful political and cultural change. Despite consistently numbering in the minority, the US right has been wildly successful in affecting law, culture and policy for decades in large part because they have consistently organized, whereas for various reasons the left is a notorious herd of cats.

When it comes to leftist activism, I am a big believer in “all hands on deck”. Not everyone agrees on every lefty issue, or gives every progressive agenda item the same weight. Naturally, there are leaders and organizations that focus on single issues. But the fact remains that if we can find ways to connect and support each other, much more could be accomplished than if we remain focused only on the narrow set of issues that are near and dear to us personally. People of color need whites to amplify their voices and otherwise support them by doing what they ask of us. Ditto men with women, straights with queer people, and every other group on every other axis of privilege and oppression.

It’s also important to encourage many different kinds and levels of activism. Not everyone is willing (or able) to make phone calls to their congresscritter’s office, but they might submit something online during a public comment period. Not everyone is willing to risk arrest for civil disobedience, but might show up to a planned disruption to document police actions. My hope is that this blog will provide opportunities for us all to participate in ways we otherwise might not: a phone campaign, a local protest, a cause worth funding, a boycott of xyz corp., a march in DC, help for a specific person in trouble right now, and other possibilities we cannot presently predict. Consider that one-day women’s strike in Poland halted an abortion ban. Activism like that could have a tremendous impact in the US, and a necessary first step is publicizing and making such ideas mainstream.

Finally, my fervent wish is that anyone and everyone concerned about Trump and berserker right-wing governance (including myself) examine—and challenge—what “willing and able” really means to each of us personally. For outstanding activist examples we need look no further than FtB’s very own Caine, the women leaders of Black Lives Matter and my late, great friend Niki Massey. For those who didn’t know her, Niki was black, female, physically disabled, in chronic pain, mentally ill, queer and poorand she still did fucking clinic escort. In Minnesota. In winter. The bar these women have set is extraordinarily high, and although I may never reach it, I sure as hell can try harder to reach toward it. Can you?

Let’s do this.

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