REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America!

The words below are from Sunsara Taylor, at, calling for a month of protests against the actions of the developing fascism in the United States. It’s past time to organize a resistance.

What can you do?

  • Add your name to the list of dissenters.
  • Donate to activist organizations.
  • Contact your representatives and express your concerns.
  • State your refusal to accept fascism on social media.
  • Organize locally. Plan a protest.
  • Participate in protests in your area.

In the Name of Humanity,
We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America!

Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger. Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear, and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands.

Should we fail to rise with determination and daring in our millions now to stop this, the consequences for humanity will be disastrous. We, the undersigned, know in the depths of our beings, the catastrophe that will befall the people of the world should the Trump/Pence regime assume full power.

We therefore CALL FOR A MONTH OF RESISTANCE beginning on December 19th, reaching a crescendo by the January 20th 2017 Inauguration.

Our resistance must spread rapidly to every sphere and every corner of the country. Because we refuse to accept a fascist America, millions must rise up in a resistance with a deep determination such that we create a political crisis that prevents the TRUMP/PENCE fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society.

The Presidency of Donald Trump is illegitimate.

Donald Trump did not win the popular vote. Not even close, he lost by 2.5 million votes.
He won the Electoral College – an institution set up in 1787 to protect slavery. This legacy of the most brutal oppression of Black people has become the means that enabled the election of Trump and Pence.

More fundamentally, it is the fascist character of the Trump/Pence regime and what they are planning to do which renders it illegitimate and an immoral peril to the future of humanity and the earth itself.

Under the slogan “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump has viciously attacked Mexicans and Muslims, threatening to register and deport millions, closing borders. He incites fear and hate of all who are “different” – nationalities, religions, or gender. He crudely demeans and degrades women, openly boasting about molesting them. He champions white supremacy and whips up a racist lynch-mob mentality. Trump has mocked the disabled. He is a bellicose militarist, who threatens to use nuclear weapons. He openly advocates war crimes — including torture. He vows to pack the Supreme Court with justices who will take away the right to abortion and gay rights. He denies science – calling climate change a hoax and will wreak devastation on the environment. He has attacked and threatened the press and stirred up his supporters to do the same. He has threatened to strip citizenship for constitutionally protected dissent. Trump has utter contempt for facts and the truth, and consistently lies to advance his agenda. As for the rule of law, Trump went so far as to openly threaten his opponent, Hillary Clinton, not only with jail, but even assassination. By any definition, Donald Trump is a fascist. He has put together a regime who will carry out this program, and worse.

This is fascism and it is a very serious thing. It has direction and momentum that must be stopped before it becomes too late.

Fascism foments and relies on xenophobic nationalism, racism, misogyny, and the aggressive re-institution of oppressive “traditional values.” Fascism feeds on and encourages the threat and use of violence to build a movement and come to power. Fascism, once in power, essentially eliminates traditional democratic rights. Fascism attacks, jails, even executes its opponents, and launches violent mob attacks on “minorities.” In Nazi Germany in the 1930s and ’40s, fascism did all these things. This is where this can go. And yes, Hitler himself could “talk graciously” when he felt it would serve his interests and lull his opponents.

In the world today, shockwaves reverberate. Over decades in the U.S. virulent movements of white supremacy and anti-immigrant hysteria have gained momentum. A narrow, intolerant, and political form of Christian fundamentalism has been brought into government and policy at all levels. The Trump/Pence cabinet and judiciary will coalesce all of this and worse with horrific consequences at the highest level of power. No election, whether fair or fraudulent, should legitimize this. “Reaching across the aisle” only legitimizes that which is illegitimate.

If you work with fascists you normalize the road to horror. You cannot try to “wait things out.” Those who lived through Nazi Germany and sat on the sidelines, looking on as Hitler demonized, criminalized, and eventually rounded up one group after another, became shameful collaborators with monstrous crimes. Don’t Conciliate…Don’t Accommodate…Don’t Collaborate!

The Trump Regime Must and Can Be Stopped Before It Starts!

This is not wishful thinking but could be made a reality if all who hate what is represented by this fascist regime translate our outrage into massive mobilization to create the political conditions which make this possible. We are millions. Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do – creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling.

We call on each and every one who opposes what this regime stands for, and what it will do, to take part in and actively build, this resistance and refusal. Organize. Plan. Act.

The Month of Resistance

Starting 12/19/16, it begins – the day the Electoral College meets to vote in each state: hold a press conference or a protest. Starting now, distribute this Call everywhere and on social media, host house meetings, fundraising events concerts and forums. Everywhere step up the resistance: walkouts from schools and work, protests against attacks and threats on Muslims, women, people of color, LBGT people – all linked to the objective of Stopping the Trump/Pence regime. The struggle must grow.

On MLK weekend, there needs to be massive demonstrations of many thousands in key cities, including Washington. D.C., that grow to millions over the next week, protests that don’t stop . . . where people refuse to leave and more and more people stand up with conviction and courage demanding:

NO! We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!


  1. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says


    I just signed the petition, “Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

    Here’s the link:


  2. Dark Jaguar says

    I read elsewhere that the electoral college was set up to prevent every individual state from just voting for their own favored sons, resulting in a 13 way deadlock. Even in that case, the electoral college has long since outlived it’s usefulness since most citizens don’t really consider their home state to be a distinct nation and don’t really care where a politician was born. I also understand that partly on the same logic, when the voting system was changed so vice presidents are “linked” with presidents and voted for as a pair, they restricted a president picking a vice president from their home state. That’s probably also outlived the point it had.

    I’m with you on eliminating the electoral college in any case. I think if the college actually did overturn the election results (I doubt that’ll happen), that would be exactly the thing to kill it. I am very curious about the electoral college’s history in protecting slavery though. I hadn’t heard a thing about that, and would like to read more.

  3. Dark Jaguar says

    The above petition to get electoral college members to go against their oath is a decent idea, even if I doubt it’ll yield any fruit. If it DID happen, it’d cause the people in Washington to amend the hell out of that concept pretty quick I’d imagine.

    What I can’t stomach are those who are sending death threats to these people. Let’s ignore the basic immorality of threatening people into doing what you want. As a tactic, it isn’t going to work. At base, this is a tactic rooted in the ends justifying the means, and just this one time I’m willing to agree with that, but if we’re going to go that far, the means need to actually be capable of convincing them to change their minds. Death threats won’t do that! Heck, let’s go so far as to compliment and otherwise praise them and whatever it takes to get them to change their minds. Sweeten them up as much as it takes throwing your pride out the window, because if we’re going this route, we might as well take it seriously.

  4. agenoria says

    This may sound trivial, but it isn’t – I can’t read the text in the links in the red box without highlighting it. It doesn’t meet accessibility guidelines for contrasting text and background. This matters because it’s a distraction from the message you want to get across.

    On the other hand, I found the paragraph headings in bold helpful.

    I’m not in the US, but the artificial borders we’ve created on Earth are only seen by the human inhabitants. What happens in the US affects us all. So it’s good to see people prepared to take a stand.

  5. Michael Cobb says

    Soooooo ….
    If the Electoral college creates a deadlock, what happens? It goes to the House. Guess who wins?

    Any activity that removes Trump from contention is called a coup. And if you think that the military will stand still for lefties removing an elected president you are seriously deluded. And since you are probably firmly anti-gun, you will end up with a sound spanking for your trouble.

    The rules for election are clear. Win the electoral college. No mention of popular vote. Saying that Clinton won the popular vote and should be President is like saying that a baseball team scored more runs over their season and should be in the World Series, even though they didn’t win a game. Childish nonsense.

    Take some responsibility for the situation and learn.

    Democrats ran a deeply, profoundly diseased candidate. Whine all you want but as screwed up as Trump is, he beat her. That is how bad she is. You people let her game the DNC. You people supported a “coronation”. You people did not turn out for the primaries nor the general election. Your choices were Hillary and an old socialist who is as much part of the establishment as Clinton herself, except with ideas that would have made him even more unelectable. You will be whining and complaining for decades unless you own up to how bad Hillary was. You lost it, Trump didn’t win it.

    Here is a fact: If any republican other than Trump had run, Hillary would have lost worse than she did. If any other Democrat had run (Biden comes to mind) Trump would have lost by a like margin. What you did win is the shitty candidate contest.

    You have to come to terms with that fact, Clinton sucked.

    So now that it is too late you want protests. Good luck with that. I’ve got another idea. Why not focus on the mid terms. You think that it is an accident that the Republicans won both houses, a ton of governorships and scads of state elections? Did the Russians cause that too? You have to understand what the people want. And more corrupt government is not on the table. Nor are your politics.

    The good news is that the Clinton’s and Bush’s are gone. It is time to start fresh. Do something productive and for Christ’s sake, STOP WHINING!!!!

    • multitool says

      While I doubt reversing the electoral college will reverse the election, it will cast yet more doubt on Trump’s apparent legitimacy as far as the public is concerned.

      Clinton, Schminton, this isn’t a fight for Hillary, it’s a fight for survival at this point. Any stick in the GOP’s spokes is a good one if it slows them down even a little bit.

      • multitool says

        And PS yes many of us including me ARE doing something productive too and organizing intensely for our upcoming local elections.

  6. Michael Cobb says

    As an aside, you might also check out the definition of “Facism”. I know it sounds cool and all up on the ramparts to shout the word but it sorta falls flat when it has nothing to do with the case at hand.

    In any event, the “feelings” of the world don’t matter even a little bit when it comes to the outcome of a US election. And “feelings” give no one the right or authority to overturn a US election. You might, for a hoot, go try to illegally enter one of those countries that are all upset with Trump. Good luck with that.

    I might also point out that there is a basic conceit in this silly blog. That is that only the Trump electors might prove faithless. Has it occurred to anyone that Clinton was hardly universally loved by democrats? In fact, a lot of democrats voted against her. It might sound blasphemous but if one succeeds in making “faithlessness” acceptable one might foster the switch of democratic electors to Trump. She is bought and paid for by Wall Street and the Saudi’s. Might not some Bernie leaning electors really resent that? Be very very careful of what you wish for.

    BTW, the electoral college had nothing to do with slavery. It has a lot to do with states rights, the exact thing being invoked to support the notion of sanctuary cities. Nice try to rope in another buzz word. And the latest Gallup poll shows that there is no statistical difference between the number of americans that want to do away with the electoral college and those that want to keep it.

    Point is that it ain’t going away. Period.

    Now go start working on the mid terms and find somebody that isn’t crooked for 2020. And STOP WHINING!

    • slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

      here’s the definition you claim we misuse:
      a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
      If you don;t see any of that as part of Trump’s agenda, then FU

    • Michael Cobb says

      I do. I work. I employ people. I see situations for what they are rather than what I’d like them to be. And you, PZ, seem to have complaining down to a fine art.

      Now, try and take responsibility for the political debacle created by Hillary fanboys and do something useful. Start assessing WTF happened and try looking inward as opposed to blaming. Start by getting down from that Ivory Tower and understanding the people of this country. It’s called authenticity and it makes one a bit more attractive than the academic boor that you seem to have turned into.

      Now sulk and ban me. Classic leftie behavior. Destroy that which you cannot deal with.


  7. says

    Are you suggesting that I don’t really work? It would be of a piece with the rest of your bullshit, sneering at the “ivory tower” and “academics” — you forgot to berate me for being an “intellectual”, too.

    Also, I’m not a “Hillary fanboy”.

    But I am a leftie. I guess you’re not, which tells us exactly how useful your advice is — you’re here to tear down rather than build up. Bye.

  8. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    Michael Cobb
    I do. I work. I employ people.
    I let them use my toilet (the one by the back door).
    (no ComicSans 🙁 )

  9. Dan says

    Your site is against Fascism. which uses violent forcible suppression of opposition. The left-wing group that organized the violent riot that shut down of the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Berkeley, CA was backed, in part, by your group. How then do you balance being against Fascism yet condone violence, which is a major part of same? To further your cause of being against Fascism would entail the exclusion of violence.

  10. says

    Why does Dan seem so unoriginal and disingenuous? Why is it that I’m yet to see an internet based moral objection to anti-nazi violence that didn’t turn out to come from a nazi-sympathizing piece of shit? I can absolutely imagine a human being with genuine concern about progressives engaging in violent or destructive tactics, someone who objects to all violence, but why is it I am yet to meet that person? Not hanging out with enough hippies, I guess. Where my hippies at?

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