Aww. Our first troll.

FREETHOUGHT RESISTANCE was only live for a few hours before its very first troll plopped this turd:

The Revolution

The Right must be quaking in its boots now the Freethought bloggers are on the case.

You ridiculous people.

Hahaha. Oh cupcake. No one here need ever lift a finger for the right to quake in its boots. They shit themselves silly at the mere thought of lesbian wedding cakes, women with opinions and the very existence of brown-skinned people. Why would we ever trouble ourselves in this regard? LIFE IS SHORT.

Have a nice day.


  1. says

    Take a look at how they screamed and screamed when the Galactic Empire sold out by hiring a black storm trooper instead of keeping the clone army pure, monoculture, and most importantly, stagnant.

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