Fundraiser: Better Gods and Religions

You’ve encountered the idea that atheists are ignorant of religion, no doubt. It’s ridiculous on its face, and not just because most atheists were once theists. On a statistical level, we consistently show more knowledge about religion than believers. Yes, we’re aware of your holy book; yes, we know the basics of your religion; yes, we’ve had someone try to bring us into the religious fold; no, it didn’t make us religious. Quite frankly, we know your apologetics and tactics better than you do.

And we can prove it, too; for the fundraiser, I’m hosting a panel where a bunch of atheists make up their own religions. We’ll use the exact same tactics and tricks we’ve had pulled on us, and we’ll do it better (or at least funnier) than any theist could. Tune into my YouTube channel at 10AM on Sunday the 27th, and have a jug of milk handy. You might need it.

If you like this sort of thing, donate to the legal GoFundMe. It’ll help out a bunch of people who didn’t deserve to be sued. The fundraiser page has more ways to donate, as well.