Predictive Newsfeeds Suck

I have a strange habit when I eat, my mom called it “eating in shifts.”  I start with something, say the piece of meat and I eat it entirely.  Then I eat all my potatoes and then all my vegetables.  Apparently I use newsfeeds the same way and it really screws up my enjoyment of them.

Something comes along like the political season and I start reading those stories.  Pretty quickly, the ship of state turns and washes out all the other stuff from my newsfeed.

At that point I won’t even open the app, because if I see even one more story about Trump, I feel like I will throw up.  I would give anything for some humor or some science news or some stupid Catholic moves, but that is the last thing my newsfeed wants to show me.

So, there I am with my phone, and have a few minutes between classes or waiting in the car.  I turn the phone on.  I look at the app icon.  I turn the phone off.  Turn it on.  Turn it right off.

If there really was any artificial intelligence behind these apps, they would figure out when enough is enough.

And trust me guys, it really is enough right now.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    That also happens with sites like Amazon, eBay, and You Tube. At a time when I didn’t have an Amazon account I asked a Christian friend of mine to order an atheist book I wanted. Years later he still gets atheist books recommended to him – and they’re the last thing he wants to buy.

    Sometimes on eBay I put a particular item on my watch list because I want see how much some idiot was prepared to pay for an item that I think is silly and useless. And then eBay floods me with recommendations for similar items every day.

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