Episode 94: The Gospel of Positive Thinking

Who says you can’t serve both God and Money? Certainly not the 17% of American Christians who believe in the Prosperity Gospel.  They think God will reward their faithfulness with great material wealth and a clean bill of health.  Millionaire evangelists like Joyce Myer and Joel Osteen offer tips to help you “manifest” Gods  blessings in your life by cultivating a positive attitude, banishing self-defeating thoughts and meditating daily on God’s desire for you to live an abundant life. But according to Barbara Ehrenreich, it’s no coincidence that the prosperity gospel resembles “the power of positive thinking” more than it does the bible. In Blindsided: How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America Ehrenreich highlights the striking similarities between prosperity preachers and secular self-help gurus while tracing both back to a common ancestor.

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