Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Racist Whites Torching Black Churches

If you vote for a Republican in any election anywhere in the United States for any office whatsoever, you affirmatively desire that racist white people torch black churches. If you tell yourself you are just a greedy fucke who doesn’t want to pay taxes, but that you “don’t have a racist bone in your body”, you are lying. You vote for the party of racism and white supremacy, you affirmatively want black churches to go up in flames.

Delusions of the Nature of Scientific Progress

Self-interested nepotistic shittebagges constantly assert this parade of horribles that if we don’t fund the right subset of scientists in today’s tight scientific funding environment (coincidentally them, their friends, their trainees, and their family members), then we are going to destroy scientific progress. This is because they are delusional about how scientific progress works, and think it depends on their individual magical wagical snowflake “genius”, as opposed to funders throwing money at particular areas of inquiry and ensuring that reasonable numbers of reasonably competent scientists work on the shitte. If “geniuses” like Watson & Crick didn’t figure out the double helix when they did, does anyone really doubt that some other schlubs would have within a short period of time anyway? Crispr/Cas would still be unknown if Doudna had no funds to study bacterial immune systems, but some other schlubs did?

The danger with tight scientific funding isn’t that some particular magical genius won’t get funding to pursue his magical vision. Rather, the two-fold dangers are (1) that no one gets funded to pursue various important lines of inquiry and (2) that the uncertainty of funding drives reasonably competent scientists out of the system and there is no one available to pursue various important lines of inquiry. But it is laughably absurd to think the concern is that the “wrong people” (always “not meeeeee”) are getting the limited funds.

Lowlifes On The Goddamn Train

I’m trying to think of some worse form of gutter trash despicable asshole on the train than the motherfucken low-level flunkie stock broker shouting into his bluetooth microphone at some loser investor about a piece of shitte junk stock his bosses have ordered him to flogge.

This Is A Mental Health Issue, And Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Racism Or Guns

It takes some serious mental gymnastics to convince yourself that it’s just a total complete coincidence that a deranged white motherfucker who lives in a state that as an official government act flies the motherfucken confederate flag over its capital and is absolutely saturated with guns just by chance happens to decide to specifically target the pastor and parishioners of a world-famous black church renowned for civil rights activism. Deranged violent mass shooters aren’t random number generators completely divorced from social norms. They absorb what’s around them, and their delusional fantasies reflect their environment. Once they decide to spree, deranged white gun nuts steeped in violent racist rhetoric from the day they’re born are gonna do the obvious.

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Racist Right-Wing White Gun-Nuts Praying With And Then Slaughtering Nine Black People In Church

No, this did not happen in the 1960s; it happened yesterday:

The gunman arrived at the church and asked for the pastor, taking a seat next to him for the study meeting. At the end, the survivor told Ms. Johnson, they suddenly heard loud noises. The gunman had opened fire, and reloaded five times.

“Her son was trying to talk him out of doing the act of killing people,” Ms. Johnson said.

According to Ms. Johnson, the survivor said the gunman replied.

“He just said: ‘I have to do it. You rape our women and you are taking over our country. And you have to go.’ “

And it’s worth pointing out exactly how very much Republican filth actually want shittio like this to happen. First, they fuel racial hatred in fucked uppe nasty white motherfuckers. Second, they make sure that all those fucked uppe nasty white motherfuckers drunke on racial hatred are armed to the motherfucken hilt. If you ever vote for a Republican, it means you affirmatively want shittio like this to happen. Even if you think you are just a greedy fucke who doesn’t want to pay taxes, you are lying to yourself: you want this shittio.

Thanks, Google!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that complained like a motherfucker, but Google fixed this shittio with the latest Android Google App update. Now when you start the app by swiping up from the home button, it starts where it should: with the cursor in the search box, your keyboard open, and recent searches pre-populated.


From my undergraduate mentors, I learned how to be an aggressive smart-ass. From my PhD mentor, I learned how to be an adult. From my post-doc mentor, I learned how to be a scientist. From my first faculty chair, I learned how to be a colleague.