1. Rob says

    Most of the world gets by just fine without police in schools. If you really really need them as a common thing, maybe the question to ask is why are things so fucked up and what needs to change.

  2. LeSchlumbumbi says

    @2 janiceintoronto
    Because she knows there is noone she could call for. who would that be anyway?
    – The colleague, who knows he’ll get fired as soon as he dares to physically oppose these punks?
    – The principal, the bureaucrat who is only concerned with making his political superiors happy and his school not getting sued?
    – Or maybe, just maybe, the cop who is authorised, willing and capable of dealing with these miscreants?

    Der Comradde Physiopooftata wants you to believe that the presence of the latter is an insufferable injustice to all the darling students all across the country, no doubt racially motivated, to keep the minorities down, school-to-prison pipeline, prison-industrial-complex and stuff, ya know’m sayin?

    Reality is:
    These students in the video aren’t special. The powerlessness of that teacher isn’t special. School shootings aren’t special. Gang violence in schools isn’t special. You only wish they were. You NEED cops in schools, because they’re the very last line of defense in progressivism’s war against the oh-so-reactionary principles of law and order. Too bad.

  3. Deacon Phreaque says

    And ignore fascist lickspittles like LeSchlumbumbi. Those problems just didn’t arise out of nothing. Threat people like fucking animals and criminals, and that’s exactly what you’ll create.

  4. TruthTeller says

    @5 Janice
    As simple as possible:
    As little as you may like the police, and there 101 good reasons to do so, they’re still your last line of defence against the complete breakdown of law and order, may it be in the classroom, or in the streets.

    And for those who think cops are somehow exceptional in their violent behaviour: Rubbish. Cops don’t grow on trees, they’re not imported from outer space. They’re a product of the same society that you come from. If they’re violent, it’s because society is violent, and they have to mirror that violence to be able to do their jobs on a day-to-day basis. Whenever you’re looking at police brutality, all you’re really looking at, is the essence of american society.

  5. says

    #8 Truthteller

    If what you say is true, then I have one more reason to be very, very happy I’m in Canada.

    Your country is a mess. I’m sorry for you guys. You live in a violent place. What happened to your society to make it so violent?

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