1. Mookie says

    “When a person and their penis love each other very much… [words that explain things] …but the benefits are probably outweighed by the medical risks. It’s up to the individual and a trusted medical professional.”

  2. Mookie says

    Also, you can make fun of the actors in the commercials, and their perfect silver hair and the unerotic penis metaphors (boats and such).

  3. david says

    How do you explain commercials for investment advisors, or for class action litigation attorneys?

  4. Cuttlefish says

    “When a pharmaceutical company and their investors love each other very much, sometimes they want to do things to make each other feel very wealthy. Once in a while, though, they need a little help, so they need a direct-to-consumer ad to keep their profits up.”

  5. miserble git says

    Every child should be taught to look at commercials and dissect them. This is a great place to start them off as thinking skeptics.
    And as far a viagra is concerned I hope you have taught them about the birds and the bees a fucken so having a conversation about grandma and grandpa a fucken shouldn’t be that difficult

  6. Chebag says

    I tell them “that’s dirty and sinful and you will burn in hell to be tormented by Devil PhysioProffe if you ever ask again”.

    seems to work.

  7. Trebuchet says

    How about the ones suggesting women can go commando or wear their undies twice if they use the right toilet paper? There’s some shittio for you.

  8. person says

    “When a daddy loves a mommy very much, but has a sad, limp penis as a result of years of booze and cigarettes and indolence, he takes that little blue pill to achieve just enough turgidity to slide into her with the help of lubrication that desire can no longer summon.”

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