Fucke the Motherfucken Pope

No interest in common ground with delusional religious sociopaths. The pope can go fucke himself as far as I’m concerned. Just cause he makes some nice noises about poor people and climate or whatever, doesn’t mean that he isn’t the head of a grotesquely harmful institution that uses its power in the service of evil.


  1. says

    He’s just an authoritarian with a big hat. Same as all the other authoritarians with big hats.

    If he actually made a single argument along the lines of “here’s why…” instead of “god says” then maybe he’d be worth listening to. As it is, he’s just an obstacle to traffic. And a demonstration of how foolish people can be.

  2. Bruce says

    Yes. I love the songs of Tim Minchin, including the one with the title that this blog post echoes. Even though he wrote it in the time of the previous pope, it is still valid.
    For another song along the same line, written regarding the pope before that, check out Dan Barker and his Stay Away Pope Polka. It’s available from the Freedom from Religion foundation. I bet Dan will play it at their convention in Madison next month.

  3. AMM says

    Personally, I don’t care about his religious delusions (I guess that means I can’t be in the Capital-A Atheist Club.) If he and his want to wear funny hats and wave burning incense around and mumble magic incantations in dead languages, who am I to tell them no? Different strokes and all.

    What I care about is that he leads one of the most powerful institutions on Earth and promotes the belief that people like me are as bad as nuclear war, and people I’m close to are abominations because of what they are. And uses the wealth, influence, and power of that institution to push into law policies intended to take from women control of their bodies and their lives. His church has a thousand years of blood on its hands, and his only response to being confronted about it is to ask its victims to forgive and forget and allow it to go back to bloodying its hands.

    tl;dr : he’s the head of a hate group, and that’s the problem, not his religious beliefs.

  4. Deacon Phreaque says

    He sure gets a lot of credit for not being a completely onerous douchenozzle, like his predecessor Poop Nazinger. Almost everyone in my circle of friends is a morally superior human being to him, yet he garners adulation. I’m with you Comrade. And as a NYS taxpayer, I wonder how many of my tax dollars at both the fed and state level were just pissed away providing security and law enforcement for his little visit? And what the FUCK business does any religious leader have addressing our federal legislature? It’s like none of our elected officials knows the first goddamned motherfucking thing about the constitution.

  5. Deacon Phreaque says

    And screw you kkkk: It isn’t cognitive dissonance when people disagree with you. It’s cognitive dissonance when you hold two completely contradictory notions in your head at the same time. Nice try. Better go back to the insult store and demand a refund.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    Hey Papa, I know a guy who wants to have a dinner with you, with some wine and fava beans…

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