Anybody know what kind of mushroom these are, and whether they are good to eat?



  1. weatherwax says

    Mushrooms are really hard to ID from a picture. My first guess would be some kind of Agaricus, and probably not edible, but I’m really rusty on mushrooms.

    First step is get a spore print. Cut off a cap, and let it sit on a piece of white paper overnight. Then see what color the spores are.

  2. Claire Simpson says

    They’re either parasol mushrooms – Macrolepiota procera – which are safe to eat or green-spored parasols – Chlorophyllum molybdites which are very poisonous. From this angle it is impossible to tell as the two look almost identical. Which is why green-spored parasols are responsible for so many accidental mushrooms poisonings I imagine.

    Green-spored parasols have…green spores. Edible parasols have white spores. But just because you can’t see green around the gills doesn’t mean you’re safe because it takes 4 days for the spores to form and some are sterile. The fact that you have found them in grass rather than open woods makes me think these are C. molybdites,, also season (summer) and growth pattern (grouped rather than single). There are other signs you can look for such as stem thickness and base shape but you’d probably have to pick and examine. Finally, C. molybdites stalks will turn red when you cut them but this can be inconsistent and I would not rely on it alone.

    tl;dr From what I can tell from the photograph, I think these are poisonous – I wouldn’t chance it. They call C. molybites the “gut-wrencher”, which I think tells you all you need to know. :-)

  3. says

    Folk saying I’ve posted in the past/words to live by: “There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters.”

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