Republican Filth Getting What They Want: A Right-Wing Fuckebagge Scion Of One Of The Most Connected Washington Bureaucratic Establishment Families To Ever Exist In The United States Running For President On A Vow Of “Taking On Bureaucracy And Revolving Door Of Influence”

You can’t even make this shittio uppe! Itte’s like the Queen of motherfucken Englande running on a vow to expunge corgis from the corridors of Buckingham Palace.

End Of An Era


Sadly, I had to finally retire my HP LaserJet 5MP that I’ve had for over twenty years. For reasons of convenience, we really needed to be able to connect our printer to the network via WiFi. Try as I did with multiple different devices, I just couldn’t get the 5MP to connect to our WiFi network with a combination of an Ethernet print server and Ethernet-WiFi adapter. This printer worked flawlessly for the entire twenty+ years I had it.

Fact Of The Day!!11!!111!

Unreasonable, manipulative, intrusive people are not entitled to the truth, as they have waived that entitlement by their own refusal to deal fairly and honestly themselves. Thus, it is ethically sound to lie to such people to make them easier to deal with and to limit their adverse impact.

Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Racist Whites Torching Black Churches

If you vote for a Republican in any election anywhere in the United States for any office whatsoever, you affirmatively desire that racist white people torch black churches. If you tell yourself you are just a greedy fucke who doesn’t want to pay taxes, but that you “don’t have a racist bone in your body”, you are lying. You vote for the party of racism and white supremacy, you affirmatively want black churches to go up in flames.