This Is A Mental Health Issue, And Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Racism Or Guns

It takes some serious mental gymnastics to convince yourself that it’s just a total complete coincidence that a deranged white motherfucker who lives in a state that as an official government act flies the motherfucken confederate flag over its capital and is absolutely saturated with guns just by chance happens to decide to specifically target the pastor and parishioners of a world-famous black church renowned for civil rights activism. Deranged violent mass shooters aren’t random number generators completely divorced from social norms. They absorb what’s around them, and their delusional fantasies reflect their environment. Once they decide to spree, deranged white gun nuts steeped in violent racist rhetoric from the day they’re born are gonna do the obvious.


  1. Damien McLeod says

    Absolute truth, but it would sound better and be read by more people with the motherfucker and motherfucken leftout. Most folks tune-out and stop reading when they see that language and we need to reach those very people and not alienate them, to get the message across.

  2. Namesaste_Ish says

    This has a lot to do with guns. Yes. Deranged motherfucker. But lets make it harder for him to kill a church full of folks in less than a minute.

  3. ericatkinson says

    Just stopped by to see what the fucktard base of lefty loudmouths demographic view of Bernie Sanders’s view on “gun control.”
    This should be good.

  4. Namesaste_Ish says

    Your blog followers make me all warm and fuzzy, CPP. You kids should really get a room.

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