What Kind of People Post “Who Cares?” Comments On Articles About Entertainers At Entertainment News Sites?????

So, I’m reading this article about Nikki Minaj and her former boyfriend at an entertainment news site. And then I go look at the comments to the article, and half of them are “Who cares!?!?!?” or “Why is this news!?!?!?!?” Do these fuckewittes not understand that they are reading a motherfucken article about entertainers on an entertainment news site? What kind of articles on an entertainment news site would count for these people as “news” that they should “care” about?


  1. Anony says

    Annoying people who like to waste their time commenting on things they don’t care about. Too much time on their hands I guess?

  2. Katy says

    I find it funny too. If you take the time to post a comment talking about how you don’t care, it probably indicates that you do care at least a little bit.

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