(Im)Perfect Rye Manhattan

Needed a motherfucken perfect Rye Manhattan, so checked out the larder. Got Templeton Rye, Dolin dry vermouth, and Angostura bitters, but no fucken sweet vermouth. Only sweet booze I got is some Feist ruby port. Checked with my go-to cocktail mavens, Doc Becca and Rob the Bartender, and they agreed that it was reasonable to sub a bit of port for the usual sweet vermouth.

Here’s the ingredients:


Used three shots rye, one shot dry vermouth, half shot port, and a few drops of bitters.


In the shaker with ice.


Shaken and strained! Tastes fucken outstanding! The only thing missing is some goddamn cheeries!


  1. Namesaste_Ish says

    Like cheer-ios?

    Also, don’t strike a dood in the balls as a joke. Its not okay. You’re welcome.

  2. gerty-z says

    Hey, since we are talking about me (and this drink looks ungood), what do you miss most about being a ass’t prof type, CPP?

  3. Gerry-z says

    I disagree with MyT. Sometimes it is hilarious when drunk foods get nut-punched.

    Are there any more Oreos?

  4. gerty-z says

    holy hell, Namaste. Did you see the fucking GoT finale????!!!?!?!?!!?!!eleventy!!

  5. Namesaste_Ish says

    GZ…That was FUCKKED UP. There’s something seriously wrong with GRRM. Too much pot. Or whatever the grumpsters of his era did.
    Say, what do you think was CPPs drug of choice while he was a younger? Absolutely dropped acid, but do you think he was/is a regular pot smoker?

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