Psychology Of Republican Filth Voters

What is it about overtly nasty vicious right-wing assholes like Ted Cruz that make them so appealing to republican base voters? It can’t possibly be “would you like to have a beer with me”, because nasty fuckers like Cruz are so vile and disgusting that who would ever want to voluntarily spend even a microsecond in their presence, so what is it? Does it come down to “Vote for me, because I’ll do everything in my power to fucke over the people you spend all your time seething with hatred against?”


  1. says

    The other day I met a republican woman. WTF. Is she a “self-hating woman” who wants to support her own oppression? I especially love it when they say they want to re-target their message to appeal to the [group of voters we shit upon and legislate against] and – amazingly – nobody from the press falls on their back and waves their legs in the air laughing and pissing. Seriously.

  2. gingerbaker says

    It the authoritarian father psychology thing. It is how all fascists get elected.

  3. eeke says

    Many of these people run a campaign because they have a small group of ridiculously rich people who support them. They get paid to campaign and paid extremely well – they do not have to pay the money back. And sometimes they get commissioned to write a book. They don’t care if the book never sells, as long as they get money for it is all that matters. So it is no surprise that unemployed politicians such as Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and the other circus clowns have joined the race. They will not get votes. Those that pander to the Koch brothers might get a few votes, though, especially with their own “news” network (faux), and a few may even get job interviews with said network (eg, Huckabee). That’s my take. And no, no regular person would ever spend a microsecond of their time with these assholes.

  4. k_machine says

    “I like to stomp on the weak, come help me stomp on the weak if you like stomping on the weak.”

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