Note To People Writing Reviews On Yelp About Restaurants They Went To On Valentine’s Day

In case you haven’t figured it out: Valentine’s Day the vast majority of restaurants pack in as many extra covers as they possibly can (which frequently means packing in extra tables cheek-by-jowl), sell cheaper food items in smaller portions at highly inflated prices on mandatory prix fixe menus, try to rush you through your meal so they can seat another cover at your table, and are forced by the extra patronage to hire temporary wait and kitchen staff who (1) don’t know jacke dicke about the restaurant and its menu and (2) are generally less-experienced and less-competent (which is why they are available for temporary work on V-Day).

If you really insist on eating out at a restaurant on V-Day, going for lunch is better, as you frequently aren’t forced into a mandatory prix fixe menu, and can just have a nice regular meal. Best to just stay the fucke home, however, and leave V-Day to the rubes. And if you do go out to dinner on V-Day, it is really stupid to complain on Yelp about what is nearly guaranteed to be a disappointing experience.


  1. thebookofdave says

    The rice was overcooked, the waiter apparently retired after serving it, and I was seated too close to the restroom entrance. Unfortunately, this happened at home, but it didn’t stop me from writing the place up anyway over its shitty service. I’ll never dine there again if I can help it.

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