Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Deadly Train Derailments On Key Transportation Corridors Suffering From Infrastructure Decay Because Essential Government Services Starved Of Budgetary Support Should “Be Run Like A Business”

Yes, the blood is on the hands of these subhuman “fiscal conservative, small government” filth.


  1. samgardner says

    Uh, shouldn’t we find out what the cause of the crash is first? I agree this is definitely a possibility, but it would be good to have all the lines drawn.

  2. says

    The train going twice the speed limit is probably the cause. Simple physics comes into play when any large vehicle is going into a curve at over 100MPH.

    And remember that Obama and his Democrats passed an almost $1 Trillion stimulus to help fund shovel ready infrastructure jobs. Also remember he admitted he stretched the truth about the shovel ready jobs. But, I know it is never the fault of anyone in Government except the Republicans.

  3. Linda Jean Edwards says

    Really? This accident could have been prevented by positive train control technology safety upgrades which the GOP congress has rejected previously as well as yesterday. They don’t give a rat’s ass if people die.
    The entire US has been in dire need of infrastructure repairs, maintenance or complete renovation for more then a decade. The Party of Greed only cares about continuing tax cuts for their wealthy overlords and anything involving transportation– bridges, roads, trains, etc., is not all that important. And lets not forget cuts to public education, the EPA, USDA, etc., etc.
    “The death toll from Tuesday’s Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia is now at seven and is expected to rise. About a dozen passengers are still missing. Authorities now say the train was traveling at about 106 miles per hour, more than double the speed limit, as it headed into a steep curve. National Transportation Safety Board member Robert Sumwalt said the accident would have been preventable if Amtrak had installed positive train control technology on that section of track. Just hours after the crash, the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee rejected a Democratic amendment to offer $825 million to speed up positive train control implementation. In addition, the committee voted to cut Amtrak’s budget by $250 million.”
    Democracy Now: As Train Crash Death Toll Reaches 7, GOP Votes to Cut Amtrak Budget by $250M & Delay Safety Upgrades
    Re- Jim-Repuglican governors of GOP controlled states have REJECTED federal funding for transportation improvements, but wingnut gaslighting “news” won’t tell you that. “Stretching the truth?” That’s what FUX does.

  4. says

    Again, in 2009 there were more Democratic governors than there are now. Federal money given to federal projects, such as Amtrak, does not need approval from a governor, or state legislature. And, why did the Democrats not vote in a massive spending bill, in excess of the stimulus, for infrastructure in 2009 when they controlled the whole government?

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