Republican Filth Getting What They Want: Slashing The Budget Of The Jackbooted Thug IRS So That Hardworking Taxpayers Who Have Been Defrauded By Identity Thieves Have To Wait Years To Receive Their Tax Refunds FOR FREEDUM!111!!!!!!

Why the long wait? An IRS spokeswoman told CNNMoney tax fraud cases — even small ones — are among the most complex. Even after a real victim reports a stolen identity to the IRS, fraudsters sometimes call the agency themselves and claim the victim is actually an imposter.

The agency spokeswoman said the IRS recognizes it’s painful for taxpayers. But the agency has trouble improving when its budget keeps getting cut. The agency is operating on $1.2 billion less than it did five years ago.

What kind of sick lunatics slash the budget of the goddamn Federal agency responsible for collecting taxes in the name of CUTTING THE DEFICIT??????